Greetings to FASTEST DELIVERY! By navigating and utilizing our app/website, you are expressing your agreement to adhere to and be governed by the ensuing terms and conditions of use. These terms, along with our privacy policy, dictate the association between you and ANEERU FASTEST DELIVERY INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED (the owner of FASTEST DELIVERY) concerning this app/website and the provided services (as outlined below).


The following definitions apply to the terms and conditions set out below that govern this contract of Carriage between you and us:

• The terms “We,” “us,” “our,” “Carrier,” “FASTEST DELIVERY,” and “Company” pertain to ANEERU FASTEST DELIVERY INDIA PRIVATE (owner of FASTEST DELIVERY), encompassing its employees and service providers responsible for carrying or undertaking the transportation of the consignment or providing related services on its behalf.

• “You,” “your,” and “consignor” designate the sender, consignor, consignee, holder of this Consignment Note, receiver, or owner of the contents of the Consignment, or any other party with a legal interest in those contents, as applicable.

• “Services” denote the offerings provided by FASTEST DELIVERY, facilitating goods transport services for vehicles by customers within city limits and outside, including inter- city services all over India. It also includes hiring labor for loading/unloading and any additional services introduced by FASTEST DELIVERY from time to time.

• “Carriage” encompasses all operations and services conducted by us in connection with the Consignment.


• “Consignment” refers to any package, parcel, sachet, or freight given to and accepted by us for transportation under our Consignment Note.

• “Dangerous Goods” are goods classified as dangerous according to ICAO T.I., IATA DGR,

IMDG-Code, ADR, or other national transport regulations.

• “Delivery” signifies the tendering of the consignment to the consignee or intimation about the consignment’s arrival.

• “Prohibited Items” include goods or materials, the carriage of which is prohibited by Applicable Law.

• “Receiver” or “Consignee” pertains to the recipient, addressee, or consignee of the Consignment.


• “Applicable Law” encompasses all laws, statutes, ordinances, regulations, guidelines, policies, rules, bye-laws, notifications, directions, directives, orders, or other governmental restrictions, decisions, interpretations, and pronouncements with the force of law in the Republic of India or any other applicable jurisdiction.


This clarification explicitly states that our Services are exclusively accessible to individuals or business entities/organizations capable of entering into legally binding contracts under the Applicable Law. To qualify as a User and utilize our Services, an individual must be a minimum of 18 (eighteen) years old.

FASTEST DELIVERY cautions its users that when accessing the website, they are required to adhere to and abide by the pertinent laws. FASTEST DELIVERY disclaims responsibility for any potential consequences arising from users’ behaviors or actions during the use of the website. FASTEST DELIVERY retains the right, at its sole discretion, to deny service to any individual at any given time.


Users are granted the privilege to employ this site solely for their personal or internal purposes, emphasizing the individual or organizational nature of the usage. This agreement extends its coverage to encompass the entirety of FASTEST DELIVERY Services, incorporating any additional terms and conditions that may be pertinent to the specific service accessed or utilized by the user(s).

In instances where a conflict or inconsistency arises between any provision outlined in the general terms and conditions and those specific to the particular service, the hierarchical precedence is clearly established. The provisions delineated in the terms and conditions relevant to the specific Services being utilized shall supersede and prevail over any conflicting elements present in the overarching terms and conditions, ensuring clarity and consistency in the contractual relationship between the user(s) and FASTEST DELIVERY. FASTEST DELIVERY may change, modify, amend, or update this agreement from time to time with or without any prior notification to user(s) and the amended and restated terms and conditions of use shall be effective immediately on posting.


FASTEST DELIVERY is the exclusive proprietor or rightful licensee of all rights pertaining to the website and its content. The term “website content” encompasses its design, layout, text, images, graphics, sound, video, and other elements. This content encapsulates trade secrets and intellectual property rights, safeguarded by global copyright and other applicable laws. The title, ownership, and intellectual property rights pertaining to the website and its
content shall remain vested in FASTEST DELIVERY, its affiliates, or the licensors of FASTEST DELIVERY content, as the situation dictates.
Moreover, any use of the content for purposes not explicitly permitted in this Agreement is strictly prohibited and may lead to legal consequences. As a prerequisite for accessing and utilizing FASTEST DELIVERY’s Services, you expressly agree not to exploit the website service to violate the intellectual property rights of FASTEST DELIVERY or any third party. FASTEST DELIVERY reserves the prerogative to terminate the account of any user(s) in the event of any infringement of the rights of a third party associated with the use of FASTEST DELIVERY’s service. This termination may occur if FASTEST DELIVERY deems that the conduct of the user(s) is detrimental to the interests of FASTEST DELIVERY, its affiliates, or other users, or for any other reason within FASTEST DELIVERY’s sole discretion, with or without cause.
In the event of any infringement of intellectual property rights owned by FASTEST DELIVERY, you are obligated to indemnify FASTEST DELIVERY for any losses or expenses incurred, without prejudicing FASTEST DELIVERY’s right to initiate any legal action against you.


The inclusion of links to third-party sites on the website is intended for the convenience of users, recognizing that FASTEST DELIVERY does not exercise control over the content and resources provided by these external sites. FASTEST DELIVERY may, at its discretion, provide users with access to content, products, or services offered by third parties through various hyperlinks, including word links, banners, channels, or other means that redirect to the respective third-party websites.
Users are strongly advised to exercise caution and diligence by carefully reviewing the terms and conditions and privacy policies of these external sites before engaging with them. This precautionary measure is crucial to gaining a comprehensive understanding of the terms and conditions that govern the user’s interaction with such third-party sites. It ensures that users are fully informed about the rules and policies associated with their use of these external platforms, thereby promoting a secure and informed online experience.


The ensuing terms and conditions are applicable to customers utilizing the services provided by the Company for the hiring of vehicles:
 Payment Obligations: The customer is responsible for paying the agreed-upon fare, parking charges, additional night surcharge (if applicable), and any fees or levies mandated by the Applicable Law for availing FASTEST DELIVERY’s services. The customer acknowledges that the use of the services is at their sole risk, and the Company disclaims all representations and warranties, whether express or implied.
 Customer Responsibilities: While availing the service, the customer must refrain from activities such as soiling or damaging the vehicle’s body or interiors, misusing or damaging any devices within the vehicle, requesting the driver to violate traffic or government rules, or pressuring the driver to overload the truck beyond the allowed limit.
 Indemnification: The customer shall indemnify the Company against any liabilities, losses, charges, expenses, claims, demands, actions, and proceedings arising from or
related to the use of the services by the customer.
 Location-based Information: The Company is authorized to use location-based
information provided by telecommunication companies when the customer uses a mobile phone to make a vehicle booking, solely to facilitate and improve the probability of locating a mini-truck.
 Disclosure of Information: The Company may disclose customer particulars to its group companies or government bodies as required by Applicable Law or directives from authorities.
 Termination of Booking: The Company reserves the right to terminate a vehicle booking without providing a reason, and the user shall indemnify the Company for
any related expenses.
 Lost Items: In the event of lost items during transit, the Company will make a best-
effort attempt to locate them but is not responsible for loss, damage, theft, or misappropriation. Users are not entitled to withhold payment, and the Company may exercise a particular lien over the consignment until full payment is received.
 Complaints: Any complaints regarding services or vehicle usage must be communicated to the Company in writing within 24 hours of using the vehicles or services.
 Driver Conduct: The Company is not liable for the conduct of drivers but encourages users to report any complaints against hired drivers.
 Amendments to Terms and Conditions: The Company reserves the right to add, vary, or amend these terms and conditions, with users being bound by such changes once incorporated into the Company’s website.
 Recorded Calls: All calls to the Company’s call center are recorded for quality and training purposes. By placing a query on the app/website, users consent to receive responses via telephonic calls or electronic mail regarding the query and related information about the services.
 Unsolicited Communication: Users acknowledge that information provided in response to queries does not qualify as unsolicited commercial communication under relevant regulations. Telephone numbers will not be registered under the ‘National Do Not Call Register’ or ‘Private Do Not Call Register’ due to the disclosure of such information, as per Applicable Law.

CANCELLATION POLICY: All cancellations made 5 minutes after driver allocation will incur a cancellation fee of INR. 50/- (Indian Rupees Fifty only). Cancelling four bookings in a day after driver allocation will temporarily suspend your account for 24 hours. Figures are subject to change. In case, second party does not receive the parcel or courier than first party have to pay the double amount to us.

Toll Charges: In case of a toll on your trip, return toll fare will be charged.


FASTEST DELIVERY offers customers the flexibility to engage Labour Services by

toggling the “Include Labour” option on the review screen of the website/app.

“Labour Services” refer to the assistance provided by laborers, who undertake the responsibility of loading/unloading goods from the designated point to the vehicle or vice versa.

“Labour” encompasses both the driver of the vehicle and the accompanying person.

By activating the “Include Labour” toggle or availing Labour Services, the Customer consents to the following terms and conditions, which supplement the terms applicable to vehicle hiring:

• Recognition that the Labour Service is exclusively available for ground floor to ground floor loading/unloading, with a specified maximum distance (not exceeding 25 meters) for ground floor movement between the transport vehicle and the loading/unloading point.

• Acknowledgment of the additional charges for the Labour Service, as indicated in the invoice, which are the customer’s responsibility for payment.

• Agreement to be personally present during the loading/unloading of the consignment, with the provision that an authorized representative must be present if the customer is unavailable.

• Acknowledgment that FASTEST DELIVERY bears no liability for any misbehavior

exhibited by the laborers during the loading/unloading process. However, customers are encouraged to report such incidents to the Company, and the Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to take appropriate action in response.


rephrase User(s) shall not disclose any information received under the contract of service with FASTEST DELIVERY to any third party. Access to any information which pertains to business of FASTEST DELIVERY shall be kept confidential to the extent it might adversely impact FASTEST DELIVERY’s business. User(s) shall be liable to indemnify FASTEST DELIVERY against any loss of business or reputation due to the act of the user(s).


All vehicles affiliated with the Company are consistently monitored through mobile technology for security purposes exclusively. It is explicitly stated that the Company does not possess any vehicles nor directly or indirectly engages drivers or labor for the loading/unloading of consignments. Vehicles, drivers, and labor are all provided by third parties, and the Company explicitly disclaims any and all liabilities associated with labor, drivers, and vehicles alike.

The Company retains the right to utilize customer contact information for its marketing endeavors. Regular SMS updates may be sent to the mobile numbers registered with the Company.


By entrusting us with your consignment, you acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions outlined in the consignment note, the contract of carriage, and/or the contract for the performance of other services. This acceptance applies to yourself and/or any other party with an interest in the consignment or the performance of other services, regardless of whether you have endorsed the front of our consignment note.